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Pulverizing and Reclaiming Services in Menomonee Falls

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Pulverizing, or reclaiming, is the process of grinding the road all the way down through the levels of asphalt or concrete that currently exists on the road. This will create a heavy textured, sand-like material from the road’s surface. At Pavement Maintenance Inc. of Menomonee Falls, we utilize heavy equipment and other specialized machines to pulverize the road material. The material is then reused as either the base for a new road, or it is sent to a reclaiming facility to be used in other areas of construction.

Through pulverization, Pavement Maintenance Inc. can turn your broken or badly cracked parking lot into a reusable, bituminous aggregate base. This adds strength to the new asphalt construction of your lot. The resulting stabilization can turn your wet or unstable ground into a rock hard, cement-like base by using a unique process of lime, cement, and water, pulverized and mixed with your existing ground. Both pulverization and stabilization methods drastically cut excavation and haul away costs.

Our services are available to those in Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, and surrounding areas from Wisconsin to Minnesota and Illinois. To learn more about pulverizing and to make a service request, contact us at Pavement Maintenance Inc. today!

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